The history of the stud of Spitz at our home has started nearly 14 years ago, when our son Jiří (as a ten years old boy) got a puppy from his grandpa. It was a medium size white Spitz called Ben. Although he did not have a pedigree, he would definitely succeed at the exhibitions. He was really beautiful with fine fur. His nature was as of other Spitz – friendly to adults as well as to children, cuddly but at the same time he was an excellent guard. We used to him and after a few years, when we were looking for another dog, we decided again for medium white Spitz. But that time we wanted to have a pup with a pedigree. We were searching for a long time and during that we realized that there is not many medium size white Spitz. Finally we met madam Burdová, who owns a breeding kennel called “Kačická říčka”. There we have chosen a girl called CETA. That time, we didn’t suppose that we would participate exhibitions. A guaranteed pedigree was the only thing we wanted. Nevertheless Ceta has grown into a beautiful white lady, so we decided (following madam Burdová’s advice) to take her to her first club exhibition in Konopiště. She succeeded as very promising. So we started to inquire in what consisted a show in a ring, what were the standards and we participated exhibitions more often. Meanwhile we realised that Ceta could show herself very well moreover she loved it and she became very enthused by travelling. The time we are establishing these pages, Ceta is the Czech Junion Champion, the Czech Champion and the Club Champion. She lacks one foreign CACIB to become the International Champion.

In 2010, Madam Bartušková, the breeding consultant, recommended us to found our own breeding kennel. So we started to look for a boy for Ceta. According to the suggestion of our consultant, we finally found a boy in Germany – Hamburg. Our main aim was to rear a high-quality litter of medium size and primarily white Spitz from no-blood-related parents. Then we were tensely waiting whether the trip to Germany would be successful. After the sonography we knew that the puppy would be only one. We kept waiting if the puppy would be a boy or a girl, if it would be purely white and medium sized. That was many unclarity at once.

A girl called ARISA z Kamajky was born on the 15th August, 2010. She was purely white and now we know that she will be medium sized. We had no choice but keep her. She is our little white princess but sometimes she behaves like a small naughty dragon.

Both girls live in our garden where they have a small room in a brick farm building which is heated in winter time. So they are free to decide whether they want to run around the garden or to have a rest in their beds.

And why “z Kamajky“?

We wanted the name of our breeding kennel to represent a relation with a place near our home. At the same time, we wanted an unique name.
“Kamajka” is a lovely place in nature – a small hill overgrown with a grove where is an abandoned quarry filled up with water. It is a natural sight 1km far from Nové Dvory. It is also a rich world-famous place of discovery of fossils.